You know, I needed love wherever I could get it.

Is there an ocean of cringe you can walk into with your hands held straight out and finally feel alive? In fact is there an ocean somewhere that does not loom with unspeakable mystery but just holds up a sign in comic sans that says: HERE YOU ARE YOU IDIOT, YOU ARE LIVING, YOU ARE ACHING, HERE IS YOUR PERMISSION SLIP, YOU CAN DISCARD YOUR CAREFULLY CRAFTED SELF-DEPRECATION AND JUST CRY OUT INTO THE ABYSS FOR SALVATION NOW, GET OVER IT, YOU’RE NEVER GETTING OVER IT.


Get over it, you’re never getting over it. I make work that disregards materials in favor of ideas. I’m childishly infatuated with allegory and I am horribly, embarrassingly sincere. I was born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1987 – an American city like many others that suffered a catastrophic collapse in the last half of the twentieth century. Growing up in that Post-Industrial landscape has had a visible impact on my work and life. I had the privilege of graduating from School of Visual Arts in New York City, from the Visual Critical Studies department. I work as an artist, a writer, a curator and a creative director.