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Who is content or image in this uncanny world?

Post-America: The millennium broke before an incredulous world; a devastating wave of media and light, sweeping away the smoking industrial pipe-dreams of the 20th century. A sixth of a century has passed and the first generation of digital natives still stand on the shore, awash in the digital sublime, overwhelmed with visuality and reverberation, their voices lost in the wind. Our current generation of artists is the first to address the symptoms of a Post-American identity crisis, which is itself symptomatic of what Guy Debord called “the glitter of spectacular distractions”— along with an unprecedented shift toward aphorism, and a celebration of surface and shine (a hopelessness disguised as excess). We can see our faces in so many mirrors, but would we fathom our souls if we came across them? The great empire of American-ness has broken, and her spectre sinks slowly off the shore, bleeding hubris, heroism, and fantasy. The image is made and makes itself again, it makes and remakes us, and together we fall into the great sea of ambiguity.